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How To Post A Gig

In order to find a Gigable freelancer for one of your gigs, you need to post a gig to the Gigable network.

Gigable provides a few ways to post gigs so that you can find a freelancer.

Each time you post a gig, you will need to:

  1. Define the start and finish time

  2. Confirm the rates of pay

  3. Select the date(s) the gig is on

Each Gig also contains the following information. This is auto-filled with the information saved in your gig preferences.

Job Type

Category of Job for your gig (e.g. Delivery Driver)

Gig Description

A short description that tells freelancers more information about the gig and what to expect.


The location the freelancer will start the gig.

Vehicle Types

The types of vehicles required for the gig (if applicable).