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What is Gigable?

Gigable is a marketplace that connects your business with delivery drivers and other freelancer workers for shift work.

With Gigable, you can find, schedule and pay freelancer workers, all through one platform.

What Makes Gigable Different?

Gigable freelancers work only for your for business for each gig.

This give you full control over your costs and customer experience, from start to finish.

You can save your favourite freelancers, or choose to hire new ones each time, the choice is yours!

How Does a Typical Gig Work?

Once you've set up your account with Gigable you will be able to start posting gigs.

A typical gig consists of these 5 different steps. You can learn more about each of these steps by checking out our Getting Started Guide below.

  1. Business posts a gig

  2. Nearby freelancers apply

  3. Business chooses a freelancer

  4. Freelancer completes the gig and rates the business

  5. Business pays and rates the freelancer